“If I Have One More Drink, I’ll Die”: SUM 41

deryck whibley sum 41“If I Have One More Drink, I’ll Die” with these chilling words, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 described his battle with alcohol addiction the last six years. His life hit rock bottom one night when he collapsed on the floor of his home after a drinking binge, his current fiancee rushed Deryck to the hospital where doctors saved his life with multiple IV’s and fluids.   Alcohol abuse has taken a major toll on his life. Deryck divorced his rock star wife, Avril Lavigne, depressed and addicted, he turned to drinking, and now his body is fighting against him. At 34 years old, alcohol abuse has not only affected Deryck’s mental state, his liver and kidneys collapsed. He admits, “it scared me straight, I finally realized I can’t drink anymore”. On Twitter this week, Deryck released a photo of himself after rehab. He’s look frail, anorexic, and not long for this world at this stage of his life.




Avril Lavigne Celebrates New Year's Eve at Prive Las Vegas - InsideWhen we first met Deryck in 1999, Sum 41 was an energetic young rock band on the rise.  Why would Deryck show himself in this weakened state? It’s because he’s turned a corner in his life. He wants his fans to know what the abuse of heaving drinking can take on your life. After rehab, Deryck stated “I have my passion and inspiration for writing music back”. Support from his fans has motivated Deryck to fight back and make a full recovery. He promised “I will be better soon and back out on stage before you know it!” He has reportedly written three new songs for an upcoming Sum 41 album and with the support of his family, fiancee’, and good friends, we’re all hopeful that Deryck and his band are rocking out in concerts before long.