Live your life, Don’t watch it pass you by!

We live in a passive world where people get comfortable watching life happen. Their cellphones have become such an integral part of their life that they go through withdrawal anxiety when they’re apart. You can witness incredible things happening around the world while you relax comfortably in front of your vivid high definition TV’s. Ultra realistic video games, holographic pictures, and 3-D movies make you feel like you’re actually there! But YOU’RE NOT!!

When you were young, did you dream about someday WATCHING other people climb a mountain, skydive, or travel to Europe? Of course not, you wanted to DO those things. Life is unpredictable, you never know when opportunities present themselves to you. Carpe diem, seize the day, make life happen before it runs you over. Do more than dream about it, find a way to reach some goals and live out some dreams.   It all starts now!  Here are three recent songs that might provide you with the same enthusiasm and motivation they provided for me.  I added pictures of my first skydive and first trip to Europe 🙂





  1. One of your greatest blogs so far!!! It’s so true about everything you wrote. People need to just get out there and experience all these amazing things around them. I did an incredible amount of hiking in the rain forest in PR a couple of weeks ago. It was an invigorating exploration!!

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