Mike’s Daily Jukebox Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Counting Down The Top 10 Posts Of Mike’s Daily Jukebox

mike-daily-jukebox-logoBeginning in November 2011, Mike’s Daily Jukebox began as a small personal Blogspot site and has grown to an internationally recognized music website with over 5 million view. Here are the Top 10 Signature Moments with a link provided for each entry:

1. Interview and back stage appearance with Foreigner.
With some special behind the scenes help, the website took a giant leap into the big time with a one-on-one with Foreigner’s Thom Gimbel prior to their tour with Kid Rock.

2. Top 10 Songs About Maria, Top 10 Songs About Glasses, Black Friday Top 10
The consistently most popular posts on Mike’s Daily Jukebox have been the off-the-wall Top 10 countdowns for topics as diverse as the Best Claymation Videos of All-Time and Eddie Van Halen’s Best Instrumentals.

3. Lionel Richie Concert Review
Lionel Richie’s daughter was so impressed by the concert review that it was retweeted to her myraid of followers. There have been over 20 reviews posted during the first five years of the site including artists as diverse as Halestorm, Barry Manilow, Morris Day and the Time.

4. Interview with Grammy winner, Paul Nelson
Following the Foreigner interview, a follow-up interview was conducted with Blues guitar legend, Paul Nelson, in support of his documentary on the life and times of Johnny Winter.

5. Promoting Worthy Causes:
Jessica Gimena provided a concert review of her all-time favorite band, New Kids On The Block and promoted her website, askabipolar.com. A longtime friend, Maria, was able to provide a post called “Tango Through The Eyes Of A Tanguera” and added exposure to her Make A Wish Foundation fundraising site.

6. Alicia Silverstone and the Aerosmith Trilogy
Posts like Travis Tritt’s trilogy of videos and Alicia Silverstone’s co-starring videos with Aerosmith sound like obvious posts on a music website, but this site was one of the first to link their videos on one page and they’re consistently viewed daily.

7. The 30 Year Rod Stewart Mystery Solved and Whatever Happened To Elliott Yamin?
The unknown actress from Rod’s videos including “Crazy About You” was identified and some of her friends used the site to reconnect with her. Same scenario when one of the early American Idol contestants were highlighted on the show.


8. Guest Posts!
Friends have been able to share some of their favorite musical memories with a chance to share Mike’s Daily Jukebox audience with their passions. A guest Top 10 post on The Cure and a cross-website promotion with Big D’s UK Metal Site bigdassorted.blogspot.com    The sunset picture featured on the site today is from my friend’s art website, AJ’s Art Journal.

9. Introductions to DJ Schmolli, Hopsin, Leah Laurenti, Natalie Taylor…..
Mike’s Daily Jukebox is built upon a love of all genres of music. New artists were introduced on the site and their exposure was shared worldwide with Twitter retweets and lots of positive feedback like “where did you ever find this!”

10. Birthday Posts including My First 45, Tribute To Simba

An outlet for my earliest musical memories and a chance to share the evolution of my lifelong passion with music and the incredible power it can have in changing one life or even the world!