Money Changes Everything – Lost 80’s Classic

The_Brains_Money_Changes_EverythingDig deep in the archives and you’ll find an early version of Cyndi Lauper’s hit “Money Changes Everything” recorded by an unknown band called The Brains.  At first listen, it sounds like a lost pre-R.E.M. demo track.   What’s the story of this lost treasure classic?   Who recorded it first?   It makes sense it sounds like R.E.M. since The Brains were also an up and coming Georgia alternative rock band in the early 80’s.   Their debut album was produced by none other than Steve Lillywhite, who unless you’ve been living under a rock, recognize that he’s only produced everyone from U2, The Killers, Pete Gabriel, Dave Matthews Band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and a little unknown band called the Rolling Stones.    The Brains got a little local following and even opened for Devo in 1981, but after two albums and an EP they stopped recording.


Early_Cyndi_LauperBefore you could forget about the New Wave rockers, Cyndi Lauper recorded their biggest “hit” on her mega-multi platinum “She’s So Unusual” album.    “Money Changes Everything” got a makeover when Cyndi’s team added a Hohner Melodica (aka a “hooter”) to the final mix by her friend, Rob Hyman, of the 80’s pop rockers, The Hooters.   Ironically, the fifth single was one of the hardest rock tracks on Cyndi’s album but was the only song to not reach the Billboard Top 10.