Monster Mash – The Weeknd Vs. The Revivalists

Giving this idea out for free, a great mash-up combines at least two songs that may have nothing in common but when blended together transform both songs into an exciting new creation. Sometimes you get crazy mashups like “Psychosocial Baby” by Slipknot and Justin Bieber (which Corey Taylor called “F’N GENIUS!”),the incredible “Faint Toxic” which teamed up Linkin Park with Britney Spears or DJ Schmolli’s “Wicked Wedding” which combined Chris Isaak with Billy Idol. If there’s a DJ out there that wants to experiment, I’d love to see “Party Monster” by The Weeknd mashed up with The Revivalists’ “Monster”.

“PARTY MONSTER” – THE WEEKND Featuring Lana Del Ray

Besides sharing the monster theme, both songs are so atmospheric and suck you in with the lyrics. The Weeknd’s line about waking up to a girl that he doesn’t know her name would mix perfectly with The Revivalists chorus to “Save yourself”. The haunting hypnotic beats on “Party Monster” would contrast nicely with the energy of “Monster”. For those not familiar with The Revivalists, their song “I Wish I Knew You” was a breakout single last year from their “Man Amongst Mountains” LP where “Monster” is featured. “Nowadays I’m sleeping with a snake tonight, what’s wrong feels right” could easily seque into Abel’s line about “Lips like Angelina”. Somebody make it happen, please!