Morris Day & The Time are back as The Original 7Ven


Original7venThe ultimate R&B funk band of the 80’s, Morris Day and the Time, were much more than Prince proteges.    An outrageous lead singer with ridiculous swagger (Morris Day), a funk guitar master (Jessie Johnson), and the tightest rhythm section of the 80’s (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), The Time were the true sound of Minneapolis.   But by the end of the 80’s, the band members went their separate ways.  In 2008, a full reunion set at the Grammy Awards brought together the original seven members of the band.   The chemistry was still there!   The guys decided to unite and finally release a long-awaited follow-up album.  Only problem, Prince owned their name, The Time.   So the original seven members, Morris, Terry, Jimmy, Jesse, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir, and Jerome Benton chose a new name, Original 7Ven.

original 7ven morrisI’m not sure how I missed their 2011 CD but it’s a true lost treasure.  If you’re a fan of authentic funk music and the Minneapolis sound, I urge you to rush out and BUY their CD!  The lead single, #Trendin, is vintage 80’s with a modern twist.  “Toast To The Party Girl” features Jesse shredding it on the guitar and a nod to early cuts like After Hi-School.  “Strawberry Like” sounds like a lost Prince jam.  “If I Was Yo Man” reminds us of Morris Day’s suave gigolo persona and “Condensate” will be in heavy rotation on your next funk playlist.   Literally every track is incredible!