Music For Sex, #1 on the Countdown: Aviici, Seal, Lonely Island, Touch And Go


SPEECHLESS……………Found this on a CD called “Music for Sex Vol 3”.     The video is shot in a sepia tone (like the famous Chris Isaak video) and features an outrageously sexy woman undressing down to her string bikini and heels,  eating grapes by the pool. Sensual trumpets mixed with sexophone 😉 solos combined with enticing lyrics just puts you in a trance.  


Not sure how to classify Avicii’s music, it’s electronic, dance, trip hop , pop?    What I do know is this video is awesome!   Crazy dancing, tasers, rainbows, and a flash mob – so much fun!   Avicii is a Swedish DJ who created this mega-hit by sampling Etta James voice with fresh beats.   Avicii has also hit the charts recently with Leona Lewis and Flo Rida and he’s definitely a new artist to keep an eye on. 


Adam Sandberg from SNL leads his own music comedy group, Lonely Island.   When he hosted the MTV Video Awards in 2009, Adam premiered this hysterical video featuring Will Ferrell (as Neil Diamond!)   Love the Springsteen like vocals mixed with all of the great movie clips!!

“WISHING ON A STAR”               SEAL 

“Wishing On A Star” has seen its share of versions.  Originally by the disco band, Rose Royce (they also did “Car Wash), then the Cover Girls did a faster version in the 80’s.    Jay-Z did a rap version in the late 90’s and his wife, Beyonce covered it in the 2000’s.   Not to let sleeping dogs lie, Seal released his 2nd CD of classic R&B remakes, SOUL 2 and does in my opinion the definitive version of the song  (mixing in the beats of Sade’s Smooth Operator).    A writer for the BBC wrote  “Seal has a voice that can melt icecaps, that has never been doubted by his detractors – the problems with his material post-Seal (II) went deeper, to a basic songwriting level. Here, freed of the weight of his own emotions, he soars!”