Music Trivia: What Was Billboard’s First Hot 100 #1 Hit?

ricky nelson56 years old, Billboard started compiling the weekly Hot 100 Singles chart. Before 1958, they had 3 charts: Most played by DJ’s, Most Played on Jukeboxes, and Best selling: the new chart replaced them all. Currently, Pharrell’s “Happy” is ruling the charts but what was the first song to top Billboard Magazine’s list? Ricky Nelson’s “Poor Little Fool”. What’s funny about the song was Ricky initially hated it and refused to record it. But his dad, Ozzie, knew the song was the perfect choice for his son. The 1958 hit went on to become Ricky Nelson’s biggest selling record to date.





ozzie harriet gunnar matthew nelsonTrivia #2: Who is the only family in show business to have three generations of number 1 hit makers? This question is probably easy considering the theme of the day. TV’s ultimate dad, Ozzie Nelson, hit #1 in the 30’s with a big band hit, “And Then Some”. Ricky Nelson had multiple #1’s in the 50’s and 60’s. Then came Ricky’s kids, Gunner and Matthew Nelson (the rock group Nelson) with Love & Affection, a 80’s #1 hit.




rick nelson garden partyTrivia #3: What now iconic phrase was first used to describe Ricky Nelson’s huge popularity? TEEN IDOL was coined by writers to capture the hysteria surrounding Ricky. Songs like “Travellin’ Man” and “Hello Mary Lou” become essential rock records. By the late 60’s, Ricky wanted to taken seriously. He became “Rick Nelson”, played country/rock music, and avoided his early hits on stages. Fans once booed him off stage at Madison Square Garden when he refused to play his hits. His ultimate kiss off track, “Garden Party” captures the moment. Love the line, “You can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.”




“GARDEN PARTY” Rick Nelson