Music Trivia: Name The First Movie Elvis Starred In?

loving-you-elvis-presleyMusic Trivia:   Besides being the “King of Rock And Roll”, Elvis Presley starred in 33 movies!   This doesn’t include all of the posthumous films recanting The King’s legendary life or tributes (remember Kurt Russell’s performance?)    But where did it all begin?   What was the first motion picture to STAR Elvis Presley?    If you guessed “Love Me Tender” you are so close, but he was a supporting actor in the film even though his #1 hit song is now synonymous with it.   Elvis’ first starring role was in “Loving You” in 1957.   No less than three amazing songs were included on the soundtrack.

Loving-You-EP“Loving You” also starred Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey.   Like many of Elvis’ films, the plot is ridiculous but so much cheesy fun.    Elvis is a beer delivery guy who happens to drop off a shipment at a country music bar.  The house band’s girlfriend knew Elvis could sing and asks him to sing with the band.  Before long, Elvis gets a record contract but not before some silly mishaps with local police and good ole’ boys in town.   Of course, when local town folk heard songs as outrageous as “Teddy Bear” then thought Elvis’ music and dancing was “just too much trouble!”   The story was semi-autobiographical and definitely a fun rainy day movie to check out if you’ve missed it.