Mya In Jordan’s Jersey, Gigolos Get Lonely Too

“BEST OF ME (REMIX)” MYA with JAY-Z mya-jay-zOn her sophomore album, Mya released “Best Of Me” with Jadakiss as the lead single. The song was a minor hit for Mya, reaching #14 on the R&B charts in 2000. But then DJ Clue went to work on a remix by combining Jay-Z’s masculine New York City attitude with Mya’s soft and sensitive, feminine vocals. Halfway through the video, Jay is wearing Michael Jordan’s Carolina Blue North Carolina basketball jersey. Not to be outdone, Mya is wearing the same #23 jersey, only this time, the jersey fits like a snug, sexy mini-dress. Mariah Carey repeated the jersey dress in 2003 during Michael Jordan’s final season with the Washington Wizards. If you want read more about the jersey dress style, check out:



“HUSTLIN'”      RICK ROSS Miami’s Rick Ross exploded onto the Hip Hop/Rap charts in the summer of 2006 with the Hustler’s Anthem. The song’s lyrics describe the cocaine business likening Rick’s style to Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar and the infamous Manuel Noriega. But the song has crossed over and it’s now a party jam about living the carefree life of a superstar. The movie, “Identity Theft” with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy used “Hustlin” in their movie’s trailer.  

“GIGOLOS GET LONELY TOO”     MORRIS DAY & THE TIME terry lewis jimmy jamMid-80’s, a smooth African American man in a slick fedora came up to my bank teller window.    Quickly I recognized it was Terry Lewis, bassist for The Time. The rhythm section of Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson (lead guitar), and Jimmy Jam were arguably the ultimate party band of the decade.   They were the competition against Prince & The Revolution in the movie, “Purple Rain” but they had been a favorite Minneapolis R&B Funk band for years before.     Prince wrote the majority of their music but The Time were no “puppet band”.   Killer live shows, a dynamic front man (Morris Day), and their timeless funk grooves set a standard for R&B jam bands for decades to follow.

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  1. I was just checking out MDJ before going to bed. Absolutely crazy about all three songs!!!! In “Hustlin'” a lot was taped in Carol city. That’s where my mom used to take me twice a week for piano lessons!! It was a scary drive but my piano teacher came highly recommended. It was certainly worth it. 😉 MDJ always makes my day!!!