NBA 2K14: Who Sings That Song From LeBron’s Commercial?

NBA-2K14Lebron James is dunking in a video game commercial as an old school rap jam is playing in the background? What song is that? Who’s the rapper? It’s almost criminal that most rappers and young hip hop fans have no clue who KRS-One is.  His moniker, Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, speaks to the deep social commentary in many of the Bronx rap pioneer’s epic songs. One of most brilliant wordsmiths of all-time, a true pioneer of the genre, he and his band, Boogie Down Productions influenced countless MC’s to follow.  Originally homeless and living in the inner-city of New York, KRS-One sang about social issues and played a key role in curbing gang violence with his all-star collaboration with “Self Destruction”.




krs oneIn 1997, KRS-One released “Step Into A World (Rapper’s Delight)” that sampled The Mohawks’ drumbeat on “The Champ” and channeled the spirit of New Wave’s Blondie in the lyrics.   The song has become the theme song for NBA 2K14 featuring Lebron James on the cover.  It’s a perfect throwback jam to pair a rap legend with a modern day NBA superstar. The KRS-One track was also included on the soundtrack to Seth Rogan’s summer blockbuster, “This Is The End”.