Neil Patrick Harris Has A Top 30 Hit: Plus A Lost 80’s Treasure

“DREAM ON”    GLEE CAST Ft. Neil Patrick Harris

neil_patrick_harrisWe were introduced to him as Doogie Howser M.D.   Before long, Neil Patrick Harris became one of the most iconic actor/comedians of our time.   Who can forget his crazy hitchhiker scenes in Harold & Kumar?   Add in four memorable hosting gigs of the Tony Awards, and his LEGEND-wait for it-ARY role as Barney Stinson, on How I Met Your Mother and we’re looking at one of the best triple threats in the business today.  Did you know NPH actually had a Top 30 Billboard hit too?   In 2010, Neil guest-starred on Glee as a rival to Will Schuster (Matthew Morrison).   They had a sing-off to outshine each other set to Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.  Who knew Neil could sing so well?   His baritone set against Morrison’s tenor is really impressive!  The song went to #26 on the charts and Neil won an Emmy for “Best Guest Actor In A Comedy” for his performance.


Tracey+UllmanU.K. actress, Tracey Ullman, has always been a trailblazer for female comedians. Never content to be pigeonholed into the typical roles assigned to her peers, Tracey produced three of her own comedy series on three different networks. The Tracey Ullman Show (Fox 1987-90), HBO’s Tracey Takes On (HBO 96-99), and Tracey Ullman’s State Of The Union (Showtime 2008-2010), earned critical acclaim and won multiple awards. She even dabbled in music, earning six hits in the U.K. including one major international hit. “They Don’t Know” maintained a vintage 60’s style reminiscent of Lulu and Petula Clark. The song went to #2 in the U.S. and became the theme song to Tracey’s show. Do you remember the MAJOR cameo in her video?