New Album Review: “Chasing The Sun” – Royal Bliss

royal-bliss-chasingFor three years, Royal Bliss has been a guilty pleasure rock band.    Despite a fifteen year career with eight studio albums released, the Salt Lake City rockers remain a regional band with limited national success.  After finally signing with a prominent record label, Capital Records, Royal Bliss released major CD’s in 2008 (Life In-Between) and 2012 (Waiting Out The Storm).     Neither album charted and the lead singles barely cracked Modern Rock Radio.  But I beg you, listen to this band!   Their earlier work including “Devils And Angels”, “We Did Nothing Wrong”, and “By And By” will become essential tracks on your favorite rock playlist.


Royal-Bliss-Cry-SisterAfter their label dumped them in 2012, Royal Bliss never quit on their rock and roll dreams.  The band persevered and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest record.   “Chasing The Sun” is loaded with variety.  You’ve got the adrenaline rush of some emotional hard-driven rockers plus three heartfelt power ballads that will dig deep into your soul.    The lead single “Cry Sister”, “Turn Me On”, and “Rock You All Night Long” are all urgent, aggressive rockers that demand maximum volume.  Royal Bliss even released a rare video for   “Cry Sister”.  Fans of the band’s earlier work with love the familiar anthem, “Home” and the ultra-optimistic “Dreamer”.


royal bliss toastBut the album’s crown jewel is “Drink My Stupid Away”.   At first glance at the title, you’ll think it’s a frat-rock Nickelback track but it couldn’t be more opposite.   The piano-driven introspective ballad shares a familiar vulnerable tale of regret that midway uplifts you with a chorus that reminds me of a harder version of Coldplay’s “Fix You”.  The impassioned vocals and the piano reprise rival the best of Royal Bliss’ earlier work.   Overall, “Chasing The Sun” isn’t the band’s best CD.  There are 2 or 3 weak songs (the derivative “Welcome” and “Impossible” quickly come to mind) but there is so much to love with the new material.  It’s easily one of the better rock CD’s released in recent months.    3.5 out of 5 stars