New Black Sabbath Single and 2013 Tour Setlist


blacksabbath2013First, the good news:   Black Sabbath has reunited and will be releasing new studio album this summer.  The band will be touring and initially scheduled 3 dates in the U.S.   New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles, and a concert in Toronto during August and early September.  The full schedule is now out. The new album is entitled 13 (June 11th release date) and was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin.  Ozzy is ecstatic over the record, claiming “it’s better than my wildest dreams, it’s SO good!!”   The bad news:  Ozzy just came off another drug/alcohol binge and his marriage is once again in trouble.   The opening leg of the tour was in Auckland, New Zealand, here’s the set list:

Black Sabbath in Auckland, New Zealand (April 20, 2013) Setlist:
1. ‘War Pigs’
2. ‘Into the Void’
3. ‘Under the Sun’
4. ‘Snowblind’
5. ‘Electric Funeral’
6. ‘Black Sabbath’
7. ‘Behind the Wall of Sleep’
8. ‘N.I.B.’
9. ‘End of the Beginning’
10. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’
11. ‘Symptom of the Universe’ (intro only)
12. Drum Solo
13. ‘Iron Man’
14. ‘God Is Dead?’
15. ‘Dirty Women’
16. ‘Children of the Grave’
17. ‘Paranoid’

black-sabbath-13-album-artOzzy was inspired to write “God Is Dead?” after 9/11, terrorist attacks, and wars in the name of religion cause people to wonder what God is doing about these heinous acts.  Where is God?   The song is not claiming to answer these questions, in fact, the lyrics state that Ozzy believes God is alive.   The provocative new single will debut on the season finale of C.S.I. It starts with a slow, sludgy bassline but builds up strength and becomes another classic Sabbath track.


“PARANOID 2013”   Live from Auckland, N.Z.