New Breaking Benjamin – “Red Cold River”

We just turned the calendar to 2018 and we’ve already got a early surprise with a new incredible Breaking Benjamin single, “Red Cold River”.   You may remember in 2015 Benjamin Burnley got the band back together (well, lots of new guys brought in) and topped the Album Charts with “Dark Before Dawn”.  Expect more of the same with “Ember” due later this year.   The lead single features a soaring uplifting chorus wrapped around some signature Burnley primal screams.   It sounds like a sister to their masterpiece, “I Will Not Crawl” and will quickly become a concert favorite.   Speaking of live gigs, Breaking Benjamin will be joining Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine for a short one month tour kicking off on January 12th.   For tour dates and ticket information, click here.

“RED COLD RIVER” – Breaking Benjamin