New CD Review: Godsmack 1000HP


Godsmack 2014It’s been four years since Godsmack’s last CD, “The Oracle”.   During this time, everyone in the band was so worn out from non-stop touring, Godsmack announced they were taking a break.  Thankfully the Massachusetts hard rockers are back with a new 10 track CD titled 1000HP.   Opening with a 1-2 punch of aggressive rockers, the title track and first single which looks back at their early days in Boston. Followed by the gnarly but lesser “FML”.    Track 3, “Something Different” lives up to the name as lead singer Sully Erna gets more emotional on a slower track.      So far, 1000HP is typical Godsmack, hard driving but a little predictable.

“1000HP” (lead single)


GodsmackBy the time you get to tracks 5 and 6, 1000HP really shines with the CD’s top 2 songs here.   “Generation Day” clocking in at just over six minutes, you get the best of everything you love about Godsmack.   The first half of the song rocks hard similar to 90’s era Alice In Chains, but then a softer interlude changes the mood completely before returning with a vengeance for the closing minute.     Depending on your mood, the next song “Locked and Loaded” might be even better!    If you remember their last big hit, “Cry Like a B^tch”, this sounds like the sequel.    Full testosterone overload on this nasty rocker. “Locked and Loaded” is reportedly dedicated to Sully’s feud with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx.  The CD has some filler, “What’s Next”, “Living In the Grey”, and the closing song “Turning To Stone” get old really fast.   But if you’re adding songs to your iPod playlist, you’ve got 5 to 6 keepers including the defiant riff heavy “I Don’t Belong”. B- Grade