New Daughtry Song For Famine Relief: AFI, Deepfield


On his 2012 American Tour, Chris Daughtry has been playing an uplifiting new song, “Rescue Me”, track #10 on “Break The Spell”.   The song has been remixed with an intro from Chris asking if you want to be a superhero, here’s your chance.   It’s been released as a charity single for African famine relief.  You can contribute to the worthy cause:  Here’s the link:  “The International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and Mercy Corps are partnering with DC Entertainment as part of We Can be Heroes. Together, we aim to help millions of people suffering the effects of drought and famine in Africa.”


As you can tell from my blog, I love a great cover song.  Here’s a newer hard rock band tackling an emotional R&B 90’s jam from En Vogue.    Dawn Robinson’s soulful vocals are replaced by the grungy vocals of Deepfield’s Baxter Teal.    This cover song was never released as a single but radio played it a few times.   Deepfield hasn’t hit it big yet but has received a lot of exposure as the opening act for bands like Puddle of Mudd, Tantric, and Shinedown.   Don’t get fooled by the video, it’s not Deepfield, they didn’t feel the song deserved a video 🙁   So some fans rocked out a home version and it’s really good!


In 2011, lead singer, Davey Haduk announced online that AFI had split up. Shortly later, the online post was deleted and rumors were the band was still together.  It’s been almost a year and the band still hasn’t performed together so the mystery of AFI’s future remains.   Back in the mid 2000’s, A Fire Inside was dominating rock radio with hits like Miss Murder, Love Like Winter, and The Girl’s Not Grey.  Their biggest hit, “The Leaving Song Part II“, was prominently featured in the Madden 2004 NFL video game.   In a brilliant marketing move, bands have been adding songs to video game soundtracks for years and introduced themselves to hardcore fans.  I can say first-hand that it definitely introduced me to bands like Seether, Yellowcard, and AFI.