New Jack Swing: 5 Teddy Riley Lost Classics

New Jack Swing collageBack in 1987, Teddy Riley joined Aaron Hall and Timmy Gatling to form the R&B group, Guy.   They had a decent career and even scored a few big hits (Let’s Chill, I Like, Groove Me).   But Teddy’s true claim to fame is as the creator and King of New Jack Swing. Before Teddy, you had rap, you had R&B, you had hip hop, and Gospel all competing on the radio.  In fact, if a rapper added a singer to their song back in the day, they were ridiculed as being “too soft”.  But, Riley wanted those hardcore street beats combined with the soulful voices and melody he loved.   His New Jack Swing sound had SWAGGER!   It was fresh, sexy, and exciting.   Even though those early records relied on synthesizers and drum machines, it was the passionate R&B vocals that powered the era. Even Michael Jackson dropped Quincy Jones as his producer for Teddy Riley when he released his “Dangerous” CD. Michael recognized New Jack Swing’s potential right from the start.   Here’s a look back at 5 Teddy Riley Lost Classics from the early days of New Jack Swing

“DON’T STOP YOUR LOVE”   Keith Sweat

“DO ME RIGHT” Guy with Heavy D.

“JUST GOT PAID” Johnny Kemp


“I GET THE JOB DONE” Big Daddy Kane


BONUS: “JAM” Michael Jackson