New Judas Priest Album News – “Lightning Strikes”

“Firepower” is the much anticipated new album by Judas Priest dropping on March 9th this year.   Lead singer and Metal God, Rob Halford, has described the new release as a “masterpriest”.  The lead single, “Lightning Strike” takes a jab at a certain person or administration that may be manipulating us with a fear-based agenda.  Hmmm, I can’t imagine where Judas Priest could have found the inspiration for the song?    It’s is an instant heavy metal classic with a lighters in the air chorus, a classic Halford scream, and explosive guitar solos throughout the track.


“Firepower” will be the first Judas Priest in four years following the release of “Redeeming Of Souls”.  The album cover is classic Priest with a metallic eagle-like creature from hell flying with bright orange and yellow flames shooting off it.   The band will be touring on behalf of the album, click here for dates.    It kicks off on March 13th at Wilkes-Barre, PA (home of Breaking Benjamin!) and ending the US run on May 1st at San Antonio, TX.  The tour resumes with an international leg including Mexico and an extensive European run.

Judas Priest – Firepower track listing:

01 “Firepower”
02 “Lightning Strike”
03 “Evil Never Dies”
04 “Never The Heroes”
05 “Necromancer”
06 “Children of the Sun”
07 “Guardians”
08 “Rising From Ruins”
09 “Flame Thrower”
10 “Spectre”
11 “Traitors Gate”
12 “No Surrender”
13 “Lone Wolf”
14 “Sea of Red”