Two New Kanye West Tracks Debut on SoundCloud


wheniseeit_Kanye_WeekndYou can’t walk past a grocery counter line and not see the latest news on the gossip trinity of the Kardashians, Jenners, and Kanye West.  But lost in the hysteria, we sometimes forget that Kanye West is actually a creative musician who isn’t afraid to make some ultra-creative choices with his art.   Two brand new Kanye West recently leaked on SoundCloud.   “Say You Will” was originally released on his 808 CD, but the new remix is an atmospheric tour-de-force featuring a choir and vocals by Caroline Shaw.  There are no slick rhymes or trendy beats, just a multi-layered production masterpiece that hopefully is a preview of his upcoming CD.


The second surprise Kanye track is “When I See It,” which is a re-working on “Tell Your Friends” by The Weeknd.  Featuring heavy use of vocoders and AutoTune, “When I See It” doesn’t pack the same emotional impact as “Say You Will” but it’s an interesting take on the Weeknd’s sound. These singles marked the first time Kanye ever released a song on SoundCloud.