NEW MACKLEMORE & LEWIS, Santana with Kirk Hammett, and Sonyae Elise


can't hold us macklemoreAny video that opens with scenes of huskies in the snow and camels in the desert has already captured my attention. The upbeat, inspirational new single by Macklemore & Lewis will soon become “your jam”. The video is an epic artistic production with multiple set locations from around the world. The hodgepodge of images don’t necessarily flow in a linear storyline but you can’t look away. Add in a delicious pop hook by Ray Dalton and you’ve got a Top 40 hit that will dominate radio this summer.


sonyae eliseTry to describe Sonyae Elise’s music to someone and you’re going to need a few minutes.  Here’s a perfect example.  Enemy is a five minute track that contains a jazzy nod to Amy Winehouse, she’s glamorous yet hardcore gangsta, she’s sweet yet vicious, beautiful yet crazy.   The song is a rollercoaster of emotions:  a kiss off to an ex and inspiring all at the same time.  I hope she get the attention from a big label or producer, Sonyae should be a superstar soon!


hammett santanaTwo masters of the guitar team up for an instrumental electronic guitar solo frenzy. On one hand you’ve got the soulful, emotional style of Carlos Santana that transforms the song into a spiritual awakening. Temper that with more aggressive, energetic, and intense styling of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. Funny, they’re not related but they sure look like blood brothers or a father and a son jamming together. The song was never released as a single but was a vital track on Santana’s All That I Am CD in 2010. During Santana’s tour for the album, Robert Randolph replaced Kirk for live versions of the song.