New Blink-182 and Summer Tour Dates

Blink 182 Bored To DeathIt’s going to feel like the Warped Tour 2003 all over again, as a trio of Pop Punk’s biggest bands team up for a special U.S. tour.  Blink-182 are releasing their seventh album, California, on July 1st and the band will support the new release by headlining 45 concert dates from late July to October 1st.   The reunited San Diego rockers will open the tour in their hometown and come full circle by ending the summer tour back in Los Angeles.  If they sound a little different keep in mind, founding member, Tom DeLonge is gone from the band and has been replaced with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.    Their lead single “Bored To Death” opens with a vintage Blink-182 riff reminiscent of their smash “Adam’s Song”.  Next year, Travis Barker and Matt Hoppus will be celebrating 25 years as Blink-182, Wow! doesn’t that make you feel old!

“BORED TO DEATH”   new Blink-182

The 2016 summer tour features A Day To Remember as the co-headlining band.  After a detour to their softer side, ADTR are back to their aggressive high energy punk style with their latest single “Paranoia”.   On various dates, All Time Low and the All-American Rejects will trade off as the tour’s opening act.   Here’s the upcoming schedule:

“PARANOIA” A Day To Remember