New Music: Kelly Clarkson’s Positivity, Nas’ Dedication to His Daughter, Juanes Unplugged


Following Kelly’s #1 motivating smash, “What Makes You Stronger” comes her inspiring follow-up single, “Dark Side”.   Kelly hasn’t “gone Hollywood”  She’s so sincere,  maintaining her small town girl image, you want to root for Kelly!   Her message here reminds us that no one is perfect, everyone has their faults and weaknesses, but true love sees past that and everyone is worthy of love.   The imagery in the video is so uplifting, should be another big hit!  



The original leaked version of Daughters was explicit and didn’t fit the beautiful theme of Nas’ song dedicated to his 17 year old daughter.   The video is shot from her point of view from birth to her high school years.   Nas consistently has written some of the deepest, most intelligent rhymes.  While I’m not 100% sold on this song, I like seeing such a positive themed rap video promoting fathers taking responsibility for their children. 

“LA PAGA”     JUANES  (MTV Unplugged)

Juanes has been one of the most prolific Spanish artists since 2000.   Given the spotlight of an MTV Unplugged session, the Columbian superstar, Juanes, is back playing some of his biggest hits.  The beat of  “La Paga” with a horn section accompaniment feels like a fiesta but the translated lyrics carry a completely different emotion.  The theme of lies and deceitful emotions is conveyed in Juanes’ passionate delivery and guitar playing.