New Music Videos By Carrie Underwood, Hollywood Undead, and Teena Marie


Two-Black-CadillacsThis summer when I first hear Carrie’s new album, “Blown Away”, I debuted this song on my website. Sounding like the follow-up to Carrie’s defiant “Before He Cheats”, the song oozes sexual fire and indignation and was my pick hit from the CD. The story of untold secrets and the revenge theme has been told before but Carrie’s big budget country video brings it to life (or death). Love the intense scene at the funeral and look out for nod to Steven King in the song’s abrupt ending.


hollywood undeadHollywood Undead just released their third CD, “Notes From The Underground” this month. For those unfamiliar with the band, they are essentially a rap rock group that wears masks like hockey goalies. Hollywood Undead is either not sure of the style they want to focus on or thrive on mixing it up. They’re not afraid to mix in pianos, metal guitars, or dance music beats and with this variety of styles, you’ll hear party raps next to hardcore bangers, followed up with a sensitive emo-styled track. The lyric video for “Outside” reminds me of the Sandy Hook Tragedy even though it was released prior to the shooting.


TeenaMarie_BeautifulThe day after Christmas two years ago, we lost Teena Marie. A spitfire, Latina powerhouse who became one of the first white women to crossover onto Urban Soul/R&B radio stations. “Lovergirl”, “Fire & Desire” with Rick James, Square Biz, essential 80’s jams that became Teena’s biggest hits. A posthumous album called “Beautiful” is set to release this month and concludes Teena’s career with some lost gems in her archives. “Luv Letter” has that smooth, romantic, late night flow similar to Marvin Gaye’s classics like “Sexual Healing”. Kick back and enjoy a true legend at her best.