New P!nk, The Saturdays Invade The U.S., Dave Grohl with Rick Springfield

“JUST GIVE ME A REASON”   P!NK with Nate Ruess

e545ecc6910ba0f4a24ae1051f5ee3a1Pink’s new single is an emotional love song duet with fun’s Nate Ruess.   First thing let’s state the obvious, Pink’s body is looking ridiculously hot in the video, seen naked in bed, underwater, and in a summer dress.   Didn’t she just have a baby?   The song has elements of a torch ballad which allows Pink’s voice to shine.   fun’s Nate Ruess adds a fun twist to the ballad and the band’s drumbeat sound is present on the new track.


the-saturdays-the-chaseSpice Girl mania hasn’t taken over the States but a new quintet of beautiful English women have invaded our country.   The Saturdays have been a Top 40 staple on the U.K. charts for the past few years and they’ve dreamed of crossing over into the American pop market.  You’ve likely seen they’ve got a reality show on e! next to the Kardashian reality shows.  The girls have collaborated with Sean Paul for “What About Us” for a perfect summer jam (even though it’s February!)


grohl-springfield3Dave Grohl just finished promoting his new film, “Sound City”, at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s a documentary about the famous Los Angeles recording studio. Think about the incredible music recorded there: the hallowed location where Nirvana recorded Nevermind, Fleetwood Mac’s seminal 70’s work, Metallica, even Tom Petty laid down tracks at the studio. To promote the new motion picture and Video On Demand, Dave put on star studded all-star shows with artists as diverse as Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Stevie Nicks, Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Rick Springfield. Here’s a very cool, rockin’ version of “Jessie’s Girl”.

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  1. The Saturdayd sre so pretty and gorgeous!! I love their show!! I watch it after my doses of The Kardashian’s and Kim and Kourtney!! OH Yeah!! lol The Saturdays music is a lot of fun. My favorite was Pink’s “Just give me a reason”.. loved the lyrics! It was soooo cool to see Dave Grohl and Rick Springfield jam to “Jessie’s Girl”!! This was way awesome!!