New Release Friday? Global Music Change

High Fidelity Cusack Jack BlackAround the world new albums get released on different days of the week. But times have changed, music no longer is driven by album sales, and in a digital world it’s just as easy to download an album from Japan or Germany as it is in your home country. This week marks a change in music history, the IFPI (The International Federation of Phonographic Industry) has established Friday as the Global Music Release Day worldwide. Their logic is that having all new music coming out the same day will lessen illegal downloading and sharing of files before they’re released in your country. No longer will it be New Release Tuesday in the States as of July 10th, 2015, instead it will be a universal release date that can be super-hyped on social media. Billboard Charts will now change the week’s sales figures to run from Friday to Thursday to match the new schedule. What does New Music Friday mean for the independent music outlets?

vinyl-tuesdayRemember when malls used to have big chain record shops like Tower Records? They’re all gone. Essentially the only music stores still in existence are Mom and Pop stores that usually appeal to a niche market (vinyl, punk rock, used CD’s, ….). These stores have solid traffic on the weekend but during the week it’s pretty much a ghost town with one exception, new releases that drive in customers on Tuesdays. This will all change after this week. Will it hurt these stores? Absolutely! But before you drive the final nail in the coffin of the independent record stores, remember their customers are often looking for buried treasure (used albums and classic vinyl that have already been released). They’re banding together to promote Vinyl Tuesdays, an initiative to keep customers coming in earlier in the week.

Fasting rising singles on the Billboard Charts for the week July 10th to 17th:

“NO SLEEP” Janet Jackson

“GOOD FOR YOU” Selena Gomez with A$AP Rocky