NEW VIDEOS THIS WEEK: Ciara, Papa Roach, Airborne Toxic Project


ciara-ballinThe lyric video for Ciara’s new single, Body Talk, was premiered on my site a couple of weeks ago.   Time was worth the wait, the new video is blazing hot!   Opening with a silhouette of Ciara reminiscent of a James Bond opening scene, she enters a house party dressed in a Ballin sleeveless T-Shirt and dark shades.   She catches the attention of Future and does a slow dance with her girls to entice him further.  Before long they’re upstairs for a solo striptease.


papa-roachThe latest CD from Papa Roach has been described as dark and deeply personal by lead singer Jacoby Shaddix.   He voices his thoughts on his divorce, contemplation of suicide, a surgery that almost cost him his voice, and his relapses with drugs and alcohol.   From our deepest pain and darkest moments, we gain our greatest strength.  Jacoby funnels his energy into a powerful, uplifting fight to make the most out of your life in the new video.   Jacoby’s lucky to have survived as we are to have one of modern rock’s best bands still putting out great music like this!


The_Airborne_Toxic_EventBack in 2008, you didn’t have a hotter band in the country than The Airborne Toxic Project.  Their debut CD was legendary buoyed by Somewhere Around Midnight, the U2-styled emotional rocker that became one of the biggest hits of the year.   After a less popular follow-up CD entitled All At Once, they’re back with a new CD called Such Hot Blood (release date is April 30th).   An acoustic live version of a new song, The Storm, leaked on Vevo this week.   It sounds like a return to the epic, haunting sound that first drew us to the L.A. band.