NEW VIDEOS THIS WEEK: Tamar Braxton, Kelly Clarkson, The Computers


Tamar-Braxton-The-OneTiming is everything. Back in the 90’s, Toni Braxton and her sisters, were a new R&B girl group on the LaFace label. We know what happened next. The band was disbanded and Toni went on to record her huge solo career. Tamar and her extended family have been starring in a WeTV reality series called Braxton Family Values. The series depicts Tamar’s musical comeback. Two years ago, she sang backup on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and this fall she’ll be releasing a new solo CD called Love & War. The heavily sampled new single, The One, should be a huge R&B hit! You’ll recognize Mtume’s Juicy Fruit and Biggy’s rap on Juicy.


Kelly-Clarkson-People-Like-UsKelly says this is “dedicated to all the misfits like me”. Imagine if everyone were exactly same, a monochromatic world were anything outside the norm was unacceptable. Well imagine no more, in Kelly’s new video she transitions between a life full of color and life to a black and white world of homogeneity. This is her third new single from her first Greatest Hits album. Don’t Rush with Vince Gill and Catch My Breath added to Clarkson’s amazing string of Billboard hits. There is no question who is the true all-time American Idol.


the computersNew band out of Essex, England that sounds like Elvis Costello mixed with The Clash and throw in a little Killers. They were described on one website as a four piece blues/hardcore/punk band but there is definitely a lot of pop rock sensibility in this latest video. I’m hearing Smokey Robinson’s “Tears Of A Clown” here. The retro style video with the revenge storyline complete with an evil glare and the spiking of the punch bowl is brilliant. Looking forward to hear more from The Computers!

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