New Wolf Alice Single – “Don’t Delete My Kisses”

Wolf Alice is back for their sophomore release, “Visions Of A Life” due out in September.  Their current dreamy single “Don’t Delete My Kisses” could be the band’s best song to date, but more on that in a minute.  How do you classify Wolf Alice’s sound?   One part, Shirley Manson and Garbage, one dash of Grunge, and a extra scoop of Indie Pop should get you close.   After the success of their debut “My Love Is Cool”, the band took a few curious turns.   They added a song, “Ghoster” to the all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters Soundtrack.  Lead singer, Ellie Rowsell formed the supergroup, Bands 4 Refugees, with members of Circa Waves, Swim Deep, Charli XCX, Years & Years, and Black Honey.  Their cover of the Rolling Stones classic, “Gimme Shelter” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” each helped raise awareness and money for the Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  Ellie played the role of Merry Clayton singing the powerful backing vocals on the Stones cover.

“GIMME SHELTER” – Bands 4 Refugees

The lead single for the Wolf Alice album, “Yuk Foo” was a little less coherent from their previous work and just didn’t receive the kind of reception their label would have hoped.   But have no fear, “Don’t Delete My Kisses” is one of the best singles of the year.   Opening with a feedback guitar lick, Ellie’s soft voice coaxes us into another world, the dreamlike intro leads to a unforgettable pop chorus.   Her spoken word vocals midway create a sensual vibe that blends perfectly with the electronica beats.   If the rest of the album can come close to the cinematic appeal of “Don’t Delete My Kisses”, expect Wolf Alice to even surpass the success of their debut. This month they’re touring the U.S. and spending October and November with a short European leg of the tour. @wolfalicemusic