Next Big Thing? Story Of The Year, Flickerstick


story-of-the-year-the-constant1Their debut CD, Page Avenue, by the new band, Story Of The Year, exploded onto the charts in 2003.   Huge singles like Until The Day I Die and Anthem Of Our Dying Day became the soundtrack of the summer.  The band was opening for and being compared to Linkin Park.  Their songs were added to video games like Madden 2004.  Yet, with each successive album, sales decreased.  By their fourth CD, The Constant, the band took a break but there are some amazing songs like “I’m Alive” and this track that stand out.   They’ve reunited and have a summer 2013 tour planned for the States.


brandnew-your-favorite-weaponBrand New touched a nerve with fans of indie and harder alternative rock fans.   Their first two CD’s, Your Favorite Weapon and Deja Entendu hold a special place in the hearts of emo fans as the perfect music for dealing with a break-up.    Aggressive and angry at times, yet soft and tender in the same song, Brand New was on the rise.  Sadly by their fourth album, Daisy, their music was less memorable.  It’s been 4 years since then, as we’re hoping for a return to the glory days for Brand New in 2013, here’s a look back at one of their breakthrough hits.


flickerstickVH-1 held their own version of American Idol called Bands On The Run in 2001.  Four rock bands were competing for cash, new equipment, and more importantly exposure by way of new video produced and promoted on VH-1.   Texas rockers, Flickerstick, led by the charismatic lead singer, Brandin Lea, won the competition.   Beautiful and Got A Feeling had an early U2 feel to the songs and generated some heat but the band was never able to build off this early success.   By 2009, the band gave up on their musical dream