Nicki Minaj Goes Mad Max With David Guetta

2Pac_ft_Dr._Dre___California_LoveTupac and Dr. Dre showed us what life after the apocalypse would look like in their “California Love” video in 1996.  Inspired by the 80’s Mad Max movies, 2Pac brought back scenes of the infamous Thunderdome, a wild desert storm, and who can forget those spiked shoulder pads?    Sadly, the Hype Williams produced video became one of Tupac’s last videos as he was gunned down later that same year.    Flash forward nineteen years later and today’s hottest rapper, Nicki Minaj, takes us back for another Mad Max-inspired chase scene with “Hey Mama”.

“CALIFORNIA LOVE” Tupac and Dr Dre


“HEY MAMA” David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, & Afrojack
david-guetta-hey-mamaDavid Guetta has teamed up with Nicki in the past with “Where Them Girls At” featuring Flo Rida, but their latest collaboration packs an extra punch teaming up with DJ extraordinaire Afrojack.   Perhaps motivated by Tupac’s video or a quick tie-in to this summer’s blockbuster sequel, Mad Max: Fury Road, Guetta’s new video is a big production extravaganza worth multiple viewings.  Later this week, their music video will likely surpass a quarter of a BILLION hits on YouTube.   The only thing bigger than the videos’ vivid colors, exotic costumes, and  insane dance moves is Nicki’s huge personality which lights up the screen.