Nicki Minaj Vs Nas – Pick Your Mary J. Blige Remix


The Queen of Hip Hop Soul released her tenth album, “My Life II…..The Journey Continues (Act 1)” in 2011.  It was a return to roots album that Blige proclaimed “with so much techno and four-to-the floor and general loss of live instrumentation going on today, to me people are not doing real MUSIC any more. And so with this album I really wanted people to remember when music was about QUALITY instead of QUANTITY!” Prior to its release, a duet with Nicki Minaj leaked for “Feel Inside”. It was actually a mashup of a different Minaj song that was sequenced with Blige’s new song. Mary wasn’t happy that the song went public before she had the final version ready for radio. Many were surprised by the album’s official release when Nas was the guest rapper on the actual “Feel Inside” single. Nicki’s version would have been a huge hit for the album. But you’ve also got to love Nas’ treatment and those chants of “Brooklyn” with the effects at the end are sick! Because of the controversy over the song leaking earlier, it was never released as a single and it’s a shame since it was probably the hottest track on the album. Which version is your favorite? Well if you can’t decide, you’re in luck! Another mixtape came out with a third version of the song featuring BOTH Nicki Minaj and Nas on “Feel Inside”.