Norah Jones Trivia Questions



Trivia #1:   Norah Jones won five Grammy Awards in 2003 including Best Album, Best New Artist, and Record of the Year.  A woman winning five Grammy’s in one night is a record that Norah shares with which two other female singers?


Trivia #2:  Easy one: Norah’s dad, Ravi Shankar, is recognized as the one of the greatest Indian composers of all-time.   Which Beatles song on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was inspired by Ravi?


Trivia #3:  Billboard Magazine named Norah the winner of what prestigious award in 2010?


Trivia #4:  Which of these seven artists has Norah never performed with:  Willie Nelson, Dave Grohl, Dolly Parton, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Sting, Keith Richards, or Ray Charles?


Trivia #5:  Norah was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song in a motion picture from a movie that didn’t garner any other nominations.   What was the song title and what film was it?

Norah Jones Performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" - July 6, 2007


1.  Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys

2.  Within You, Without You

3.  Best Jazz Artist of the Decade 2000-2009

4.  She recorded a duet CD with Billie Joe last year, won separate Grammy Awards with both Dolly and Ray. She covered “Love Hurts” with Keith Richards and “Baby I’m Amazed” with Dave Grohl, but Sting is still on her bucket list.

5.  “Everybody Needs a Friend” from TED, she also earlier recorded on Seth McFarlane (Family Guy’s) debut CD in 2011.

One of Norah’s sexiest songs ever:
“BE MY SOMEBODY”   Norah Jones

TOES” Norah Jones