Novocaine For The Soul: Ever Heard Of The Eels?

eels3The Eels are an alternative rock band that been releasing albums since 1996. Their songs have appeared on over 15 movie soundtracks including all 3 Shrek films, American Beauty, and Jim Carrey’s Yes Man. “Fresh Blood” was featuring prominently in HBO’s True Blood. Yet, The Eels remain a virtual unknown band to the majority of the music fans. Their melancholy, emotional sound mixed with themes about life, death, and lost love set the perfect soundtrack for someone looking for some music to reflect on life’s changes. In fact, the Eels biggest hit had the ultimate title to describe their style, “Novocaine For Your Soul”.


eels bandSince the band’s inception, Mark Oliver Everett, better known as “E”, has been the band’s leader and the only member who been with the group for every album. With each successful album, the band’s roster would switch around their lineup but E remained. The Eels most powerful album was their 1998 ultra-emotional CD, Electro-Shock Blues, written after E’s sister committed suicide, his father died, and his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Can you imagine all of this happening at once? From this emotional whirlpool, E poured out his heart in this classic lost album.