Oh Canada! Cheesy 80’s Videos: Corey Hart, Aldo Nova, Glass Tiger


This video is probably the least “cheesy” of the four I’m showcasing today from four of the biggest Canadian crossover stars of the 80’s.  And after you watch it, you know you’re in for a treat with these four.   The budget for the video must be under $100.   Predictable  concept, Corey runs away from home after a fight with his dad, he hitchhikes to the city, where life isn’t any easier. Here’s a drinking game for you, take a drink every time the camera holds a long pause on Corey’s face as he aimlessly stares off into space.  Despite the low budget video, it’s still one of the best 80’s anthems out of Canada. Love the last 30 seconds of the video when Corey’s on stage!

I can imagine a high school audio visual class had an assignment to make the music video for Honeymoon Suite. Obviously the teenagers didn’t have much of a budget to work with, can’t afford the special effects, so let’s make our own! Lots of slow motion on the band, smoke bombs,let someone from the class being the actress, and you’ve got to love those magical hearts being blown across the screen. Once again, despite the video, “New Girl Now” is a fantastic sing-along keyboard driven rocker with a powerful chorus.

Remember when Beavis and Butthead used to make fun of videos like these? Not every guy is brave enough to wear the leopard body suit with white snake skin boots. Don’t get me started on the mullet. Add in two special forces agents to get Aldo to stage along with a guy with a limp carrying the magical guitar that shoots lasers, 80’s Gold! The special effects at the end of the video are “priceless” LITERALLY! They make Aldo disappear and reappear pretty much by turning off the lights and then turning them back on 🙂 “Fantasy” actually paved the way for the 80’s Glam Bands to follow, great rocker!

The lead singer is wearing a bright pink t-shirt tucked into his sweat pants. Add in a red beret to cover the top of his long blonde mullet, extra eyeliner, and dance moves modeled after Steve Martin’s “Wild and Crazy Guy” routine and you’ve got another unforgettable Canadian video classic. Yet despite the video, “Someday” has that timeless groove and hopeful chorus that along with their other hit, “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone” kept Glass Tiger on the top of the charts in the 80’s.