Old School Throwback – Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith

Ever wonder where Snoop Dogg got his “fo’ shizzle my nizzle” saying?   You’ve got to back to the early 80s when a Philly R&B singer named Frankie Smith recorded one of the funkiest one-hit wonder jams of the 80s.   “Double Dutch Bus” went to #1 on the Soul Charts in 1981 and became one of those iconic Hip Hop tracks that set the stage for bands like the Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, and Afrika Bambaataa to kick off the Golden Era of Rap Music.   Frankie Smith is quite the character and his music video is a laugh-a-minute clip.   A raspy voiced rapper jumps off a rusty old bus and busts a rhyme to some girls awkwardly doing jump rope in the street.  Can you say Stranger Danger?  But he’s got a cool beat and the jibberish rhymes he’s spittin’ are so catchy, the girls think he’s cool and get on his bus?   Frankie takes them to an even more awkward gang of inept jump ropers, he starts singing about the corns on his feet killing him, and the girls get off the bus to dance in the street with this old man?    Who’d have ever guessed this song would spend four weeks at #1 in 1981!

“DOUBLE DUTCH BUS”   Frankie Smith

“Double Dutch Bus” is on record for introducing the “izzle” sound that Snoop Doggy Dogg took full advantage of on his groundbreaking solo debut LP, Doggystyle.    The song returned to the spotlight in 2002 when Missy Elliott heavily sampled it on her chart topping smash, “Gossip Folks”.  The Timbaland produced jam took the beat from the 80s hit and combined some Old School breakdancing moves into one of the best music videos of the decade.   In an ironic twist that takes the story full circle, Missy’s music video also featured a Hip Hop icon driving a bus as Darryl McDaniels, AKA DMC from Run-DMC is the bus driver on “Gossip Folks”.

“GOSSIP FOLKS”   Missy Elliott