GOOD FRIDAY: QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD by John Lennon, Faithless, Joan Osborne


If God had a name, what would it be
And would you call it to His face
If you were faced with Him in all His glory
What would you ask if you had just one question

Joan Osborne one of usMankind has always pondered not only the existence of God but also curious about the inner workings of a Grand Creator and His ultimate plan for us.   Regardless of your religious views, the united quest for purpose, meaning, and answers links us all.   Back in 1995 a song written by Eric Bazilian of The Hooters (remember them?) hit #1 for Joan Osborne and asked us how we’d react if God was actually walking amongst us today.   A wave of spiritual curiosity was sparked by the psychological questions raised in the song.


This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
It’s in the world I become
Content in the hum
Between voice and drum
It’s in change
The poetic justice of cause and effect
Respect, love, compassion
This is my church
This is where I heal my hurt
For tonight
God is a DJ

god is a djIn 1998, a British Trance group called Faithless released a House dance track called God Is A DJ. The group won international awards for the song and their definitive album, 8AM, which featured the uplifting dance anthem. The power of music to heal our wounds, change our moods, and motivate our lives creates such a magical aura that God is likened here to a DJ. Pink recorded a similarly titled song which features the great line, “If God is a DJ, Life is a dance floor, Love is a rhythm, You are the music”.


God is a concept
By which we measure
Our pain

John-Lennon-GodThe debut solo album by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band was a cathartic release for John on a multitude of levels. Songs about the death of his mother, self-revelation, his love for Yoko, and the plight of the Working Class Hero were featured on the therapeutic album. Track 10, God, challenged the idea of idolatry for Buddha, the Kennedys, Elvis, Hitler, even the Beatles. The song then dramatically states, “I just believe in me, Yoko and me, And that’s reality”. The lyrics were less about John’s views on God and religion but an announcement that the Beatles had moved on. “But now I’m John, And so dear friends, You just have to carry on.”