One Direction & Green Day Go Freaky Friday

Midnight_Memories_one directionIf you listened to “Little Black Dress” by One Direction and “Last Night On Earth” by Green Day and you had no back knowledge of either band, how would you describe their sound?  Which one is the Hall of Fame punk rock band and who’s the “cute boy band” selling out arenas worldwide? “Little Black Dress” opens with a feedback driven guitar solo that recalls The Strokes and dare I say it, early Green Day.  The whole punk rock vibe and the nasty guitar break midway through the song is quite a departure for England’s current boy band de jour. You can find the song on their Midnight Memories CD.


Green_Day_-_21st_Century_Breakdown_coverNow listen to “Last Night On Earth”, opening with a theatrical piano solo and a string section, the epic love song feels like a big production number produced by Simon Cowell for an upcoming Hollywood romance flick. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong shows off his tender side on this sensitive track from their 21st Century Breakdown CD that works perfectly with their touring Broadway play production. Green Day has recorded ballad like “Good Riddance” in the past, but never before have they ventured so far from their signature sound as dramatically as they did on “Last Night On Earth”.