One Hit Wonders: LEATHER TUSCADERO, 867-5309, SPACE LORD


leather tuscaderoLeather Tuscadero, anyone? If you’re old enough to have watched the TV show, Happy Days, you have to remember the female Fonzie, the leather-clad rocker who was the sister of Pinkie Tuscadero, Fonzie’s biker girlfriend. Suzi Quatro has sold over 50 million records worldwide especially in Australia and England, but here in the States, only one Top Five hit. Stumblin In features Chris Norman, the lead singer of Smokie, a U.K. band with a similar lack of success here but a solid career overseas.

“867-5309 JENNY”      TOMMY TUTONE

8675309There never was a Jenny, but the phone number was actually the correct digits for a girl that lead singer, Tommy Heath, actually knew! Fun facts about the number: It’s the fourth most common 7 digit password for computer users. (1234567 is the most common) The phone number has been auctioned on eBay as a popular number to drum up new enthusiasm for growing businesses. 8675309 is a prime number for all of your mathematicians. And the Mayo Clinic made a PSA using the song to warn us about Blood Pressure, Lipid Scores, and your Body’s Mass Index.


space lordEssentially a one-hit wonder, Monster Magnet hit #3 on the Billboard Rock charts in 1998. The song released to radio had the hook, “space lord mother mother” but I’m sure you can figure out the unedited version. Right around the time of Monster Magnet’s single was Kid Rock’s Bawitdaba video with a similar psychedelic, hard rock look and feel. Space Lord does hold the distinction of being the first video ever played on MTV’s Total Request Live. There was a rumor that their lead singer and founder, Dave Wyndorf, died in 2006 from an overdose of prescription drugs but Dave is very much ALIVE and kicking.


  1. You didn’t see the movie “Weekend At Bernies”? Yes, Dave Wyndorf is very much alive. Sorry about that Dave, got some bad information from my sources.

  2. Dave Wyndorf died? Wow! All those drugs he took have perfectly preserved his corpse. They still prop it up on stage at Monster Magnet concerts. It’s amazing how they get his lips to move like that.

  3. Dave Wyndorf is dead? I knew he had some issues but honestly didn’t know he was gone.
    Groovy tune.

  4. Wow “Stumblin In” brought back some sweet memories! “8675309” FUN facts were great!!! and I’ve never heard of the last song “Space Lord”. My favorite was “Stumblin In”. 😀