One Of The Purest Voices Of All-Time: Karen Carpenter

The-Carpenters-LPWhen The Carpenters released their easy listening pop debut album in 1969, they were contending with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath on the album charts. Their squeeky-clean wholesome image stood in start contrast to their peers, but their popularity actually triggered a huge rise in soft-rock in the early 70’s. Karen Carpenter’s beautiful contralto voice could register an amazing three octaves. You could feel her pain, the hopefulness, the sincerity, the sadness, but always the love in Karen’s vocals. Listen to classics like “Rainy Days And Mondays”, “Hurting Each Other”, and “Superstar”: the emotion rings so true as Karen highlights her lower register.


karen carpenterThere was always a hidden sadness inside of Karen Carpenter’s songs. But when she let her light shine, the beauty and love she shared with the world became the theme songs for countless weddings, romantic dates, and empowered millions with her timeless music. “For All We Know”, “Sing A Song”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, and “Top Of The World” became anthems of 70’s love. Sadly, Karen Carpenter’s legacy should be her music, but her tragic death at the age of 32 from an eating order, anorexia nervosa, became even bigger headline news. Karen’s untimely death may have actually saved some lives as the public learned more about this dangerous disorder and the dire consequences it brings. Artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Beyonce’ list Karen Carpenter as a huge influence on their music.