One Year Anniversary of Mike’s Daily Jukebox: The Beatles, Linkin Park, Elton John

Hard to believe that one year ago, I started Mike’s Daily Jukebox. has been a popular Google hit, often times appearing on Page 1 of many searches.   For a website newbie, I’m humbled and shocked by the popularity.  Here’s a few statistics:

365 posts, over 1100 songs and videos, 15 discographies!

Over 300,000 total views from 5 different continents.    Come on Antarctica and Australia!

For the one year anniversary, Please Let Me Know what you’d like to see in Year #2, comments, likes and dislikes.   I’d love to make this website one of your favorites and appreciate any input!

Here’s a trip back to Day 1:   Linkin Park, Elton John, and The Beatles



Featuring my most played band on the website, Linkin Park’s video for Numb is a song about living your dream, even when others bring you down.    The dramatic video shot in Prague features actress Briana Evigan as a high school art student outcast by her classmates.    The self-inflicted “numb” carving on her arm and the footage of Linkin Park performing in the cathedral is unforgettable imagery.



The list is always changing in my mind but The Beatles White Album is in my Top 10 favorite albums of all-time.     The diversity, the creativity, the risks and chances, the essential rock classics, all combined in the Beatles only double disc.   Rather than release ten or twelve essential hits, the band gave each member a chance to shine and include experimental songs that only adds to their legacy.  John Lennon’s “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” is a perfect example for the unique theme, lyrical creativity, and tempo changes that is unlike any other Beatles song.



For his 28th album, Peachtree Road, Elton John was the sole producer, a first for Elton.    The highlights were “All That I’m Allowed (I’m Thankful)” and “Answer In The Sky”, two uplifting songs of inspiration.    The album title was a nod to one of Elton’s homes just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  You can feel happiness, inner peace, and joy in this under-appreciated album.