P.O.D. Go Old School With New Single “Soundboy Killa”

Not too long ago, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., and Papa Roach were the hottest bands of the moment.  The Nu-Metal scene was a fresh take on the Grunge era and modernized the sound with hip hop, ska, and reggae influences.     P.O.D. have just dropped a new single “Soundboy Killa” that harkens back to these golden days of  “Satellite” and their original Payable On Death attitude.   Lead singer Sonny Sandoval describes the song as “classic P.O.D. guitar riff power, headbanging groove with the lyrical attitude and edge missing in today’s music.”   You can hear elements of their MTV TRL smash “School Of Hard Knocks” and reggae traces from their “Roots In Stereo” days.    The official single will be released on September 8th but is strictly a standalone single with no new album planned for the rest of 2017.    The California rockers are embarking on a fall tour supported by Alien Art Farm and an Austin, Texas metal band, Fire From The Gods.

If you’re looking for some more old school P.O.D., you’re in luck.  In honor of James Brown’s birthday in May, the band recorded a hard rock/reggae tinged version of “It’s A Mans, Mans, World”.   Guitarist and longtime P.O.D. member, Marcos Curiel confessed the band has been “longtime fans of the Godfather Of Soul” and always wanted to record the track in honor of the late R&B legend.   No official music video was created for the song but the summer blockbuster movie, “Wonder Woman” got an extended trailer released accompanied by P.O.D. and their rendition of the James Brown classic.

“IT’S A MAN’S WORLD”    – P.O.D.