Papa Roach Discography: Favorite Song From Each CD


Papa-Roach-connectionFirst discography post of 2013, Papa Roach debuted the new video for “Before I Die” just before New Years Eve. It’s not only a visual treat, it’s one of the top three tracks on the band’s seventh CD. “Where Did The Angels Go” and “Wish You Never Met Me” bring back the Papa Roach sound we’ve grown to love. Mixed reviews so far, such as which wrote “Papa Roach’s seventh studio album, The Connection, finds the California band finally striking a balance between its early roots as a nu-metal/rap-rock outfit and its more recent interest in ’80s-style Sunset Strip hard rock.” Despite the struggle to lock in their current sound, it’s one of the best new release rock albums of 2012.



papa_roach-metamorphosis-2009It’s hard to follow-up a classic. Their 2006 CD, The Paramour Sessions, was adventurous, hard rocking, creative, and likely the best Papa Roach CD. Metamorphosis was a step backward. It’s was “alright”. Songs like “Hollywood Whore” and “I Almost Told You I Loved You” were solid tracks but not as memorable as their biggest hits. “Nights Of Love” should have been the lead single, a brilliant rocker that recaptured the band’s strengths.


papa paramour“Roses On My Grave” was the CD’s closing song. It featured violins and a full string section. Travis Barker from Blink 182 helped out on “My Heart Is A Fist”. Perhaps inspired by recording the album at the famous Paramour Hotel in Los Angeles, this is my favorite CD by the band for their creativity. They took musical chances here and it didn’t always work but overall it was a huge step forever, an artistic experience. “Forever” is the love song to end all love songs. It’s a desperate plea to make things last eternally whatever the price.


papa-getting-away-with-murderJust shy of going platinum three times over, “Getting Away With Murder” was hugely success. Jacoby’s vocals shined on tracks like “”Scars” which went to #1 and became the band’s biggest hit in years. Raw power on tracks like “Not Listening”, the title track, and “Done With You” kept Papa Roach at the forefront of the nu-metal bands still selling out arenas nationwide. “Take Me” has a memorable mid-song break when Jacoby asks “Does anyone around feel the same, feel the pain”, it’s my second favorite song here after “Scars”.


papa lovehateInfest was the CD that broke the band worldwide with the megahits “Last Resort” and “Broken Home”. The follow-up album was a favorite of critics but became the smallest selling CD in Papa Roach’s catalog. “She Loves Me Not” and “Time And Time Again” were the big singles but failed to capture the same hysteria that their prior release generated. Yet, musical growth was evident on the dark power ballads like “Black Clouds” and “Decompression Period”.


papa-infestWho can forget the excitement of their debut single, “Last Resort” – “Cut my life into pieces, This is my last resort, suffocation, no breathing, Don’t give a fuck if I cut my arms bleeding, This is my last resort”. The video showed Jacoby’s frenzy on stage and introduced Papa Roach to the world. The song went to #1 and “Broken Home” followed it up with a song about dysfunctional family relationships that really spoke to many of their fans. Papa Roach was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2001 Grammy Awards. Sorry, it’s either the edited YouTube video or an explicit lyric video (my choice)