PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999: The Divas Are Back (Christina and Britney)


christina-aguileraBack in 1999, two young former female Mouseketeers were taking over the radio.   Christina Aguilera had a minor hit with her ballad “Reflection” from Disney’s Mulan but her debut single, “Genie In A Bottle” broke Christina into superstar status.   Fifteen years later, Christina is still a viable pop icon.  Her latest hit, “Let There Be Love” is a blast of hopefulness, positivity, and acceptance.  Her video captures the emotion perfectly with smiling faces, countless celebrity cameos, signs proclaiming unity, and myriads of people dancing and throwing up “L” signs for LOVE!


britney-work-bitchAs big as Christina’s diva voice, Britney Spears saw even bigger success in 1999 when her debut single, Baby One More Time, became one of the biggest #1 hits of the decade. Her iconic schoolgirl outfit and pop princess attitude put Britney on the cover of every magazine. It’s a been a crazy road for Britney the past 15 years. A Las Vegas wedding that lasted less than a week, kissing Madonna on MTV, Slave For You with the boa constrictor, her bald head, and countless iconic music videos kept Britney in the public eye. Her latest video, Work B*tch, may not be her greatest song ever but Britney’s back and looking as sexy as ever. The song is flirty, sensual, and hot, but Britney noted “I toned it down a little as I’m a mom now”.