Pawn Stars: Legendary Guitar Bought for $55,000

vic Flick guitar book The James Bond Theme song, Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual”, Ringo’s theme from “A Hard Day’s Night”, and Petula Clark’s classic “Downtown”…..all of these legendary songs plus so many more legendary hits from the 1960’s are all linked together by Vic Flick.   Who is Vic Flick?   Vic was a studio’s gun-for-hire, an incredible guitarist known for unforgettable riffs who turned good songs into legendary classics.  On a episode of TV’s Pawn Stars, Vic sold his 1961 Fender Stratocaster.   Owner Rick Harrison didn’t realize the magnitude of this guitar at first.   During the Pawn Stars episode, Vic described his session work with Herman’s Hermits, “Goldfinger”, and the biggest UK hits of the early 60’s.    But hearing Vic’s incredible resume with this guitar and having this verified by his expert, Jesse Amoroso, they settled on $55,000 for the vintage piece of rock and roll history.



tom jonesIf you get the chance to visit the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, you’ll find Vic’s guitar, a Clifford Essex Paragon De Luxe, that was originally used for 007’s theme song.   In addition to movie soundtracks, Vic has performed with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Cliff Richard, even George Martin’s Orchestra.   All of Tom Jones biggest hits (What’s New Pussycat, It’s Not Unusual, Delilah….) used Vic Flick’s riffs.  Despite his success, Vic Flick would remain a virtual unknown to the masses without his appearance on a reality TV show. Like so many session musicians, they’ll never receive the acclaim and respect they deserve, but think about it, we wouldn’t have the great music we have today without their incredible talent adding so much flavor to our favorite songs. If you’d like to watch the episode of Pawn Stars, check out the History Channel, Vic’s episode is titled “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”.

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“THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH”   Herman’s Hermits