Pearl Jam Covers A 60’s Nugget: Pearl Jam, Talisman, and Disturbed


Pearl Jam has a fan club tradition of releasing Christmas singles to their fans.   In 1998, they sent out a double-sided single of two covers from the 1960’s.  “Last Kiss” and “Soldier Of Love” both maintain the innocence of the love-power generation yet manage to feel like classic Vedder with lyrics like “Lay down your arms and surrender to me” and “use your arms to hold me, I don’t want to fight anymore”.  Eddie was scheduled to perform in Clearwater, FL but had to reschedule the tour due to a back injury.   Dec 2012 is the make up date.

“FROZEN” (Madonna cover)  TALISMAN

From Madonna’s Ray of Light CD, “Frozen” gets a reinterpretation by Jeff Scott Soto and Talisman.   Jeff is a hired-gun vocalist who has led Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteem’s band, Steve Augeri’s replacement in Journey, Axel Rudy Pell’s Band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and voice of Steel Dragon in the movie Rock Star.   This cover of Madonna pumps up the rock edge but still feels faithful to the original.


From the fifth CD, Asylum, by Disturbed comes this instrumental jam.   Following Indestructible, Disturbed wanted a darker sounding record.    The CD opens with “Remnants” and it’s usually connected to the title track “Asylum”.   Here the song is cut in pieces as it was included on the soundtrack of the video game “Rock Band”.