Guitar Heroes: new Hendrix, George Harrison, Jeff Beck


Jimi_Hendrix_ People_Hell_AngelsTwelve new Jimi Hendrix studio recordings have been unearthed and compiled on “People, Hell, and Angels”, a new CD from the greatest rock guitarist of all-time. The phrase “new material” is being used liberally as all twelve songs have been released in different forms on previous Hendrix albums included last year’s Valleys of Neptune. But this new CD has a raw, funky vibe that captures a more natural side of Jimi, unlike the studio perfection of previously released tracks. The inclusion of horns and heavy bass only enhances Jimi’s electric solos.

1. “Earth Blues” 3:33
2. “Somewhere” 4:05
3. “Hear My Train a Comin’ 5:41
4. “Bleeding Heart” 3:58
5. “Let Me Move You” 6:50
6. “Izabella” 3:42
7. “Easy Blues” 5:57
8. “Crash Landing” 4:14
9. “Inside Out” 5:03
10. “Hey Gypsy Boy” 3:39
11. “Mojo Man” 4:07
12. “Villanova Junction Blues”


Jeff-Beck-FlashThe Yardbirds were a 60’s blues based rock band known for their big hit, For Your Love. Can you name the three Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarists that played in the Yardbirds? All three are in the top 20 guitarists of all-time. You’ve got Jeff Beck featured here, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page prior to starting Led Zeppelin. Jeff Beck is best known among rock purists as the guitar hero for guitarists. He never achieved big commercial success but his brilliance has never been questioned. In the mid 80’s, Jeff achieved a Top 5 hit teaming once again with Rod Stewart on People Get Ready. Jeff followed it up with a successful CD named Flash. Here’s the video most famous for the cameos of Donny Osmond, Dr Joyce Brothers, Tattoo from Fantasy Island, and a slew of 80’s icons!


George-HarrisonThe Beatles legacy on music is unquestioned. But their films, including Help! and A Hard Days Night, influenced British film making and inspired comedy troupes like Monty Python’s Flying Circus. George Harrison filmed a wacky promotional video for the single, Crackerbox Palace, and premiered the clip in 1976 on an episode of Saturday Night Live. The song was inspired by a man named George Grief who reminded Harrison of a British comedian. Side trivia: One of the women on the bed was George’s future wife, Olivia!


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