People Think I’m Crazy: Rolling Stones, Luther Vandross, and Flogging Molly


My favorite Rolling Stones CD, Some Girls, was their celebration of New York City.   “Some Girls” crossed genres  as the Stones experimented with disco, country, punk, and infusing the NYC vibe in general to all ten tracks on the album.  “Miss You” is classic Jagger with Mick’s signature delivery of unforgettable lyrics like “I’ve been walking Central Park, singing after dark, people think I’m crazy”.   “What’s the matter with you, boy”.   Keith acknowledged that the band tried to make a disco hit and they even released an extended eight minute dance remix.  But if you listen close, it’s just as much of a vintage Rolling Stones blues track that maintains their rebellious attitude complete with a great guest sax solo by Mel Collins .    


Even if you had the worst dad in the world, Luther’s song must remind you of someone special that you’ve lost and you wish you could have one more chance to be together. NYC rapper, Nas, held a similar sentiment in his song “Dance”, but Luther’s version has reached a wider audience.  The music video is one of Luther’s best ever.   You feel like you’re at a family reunion watching scenes of Beyonce, Brandy, Babyface, Stevie Wonder, and Damon Wayans (funniest part of the video!!!) with their dad or kids.  We lost Luther in 2005, much too soon. Do yourself a favor and discover some of Luther’s early hits, one of the greatest to ever grab a mic. Fun Facts:  This song was co-written by 80’s pop star, Richard Marx


First heard this beautiful Irish love song during the Gerard Butler film, P.S. I Love You with Hillary Swank. Flogging Molly have become everyone’s go-to St Patrick’s Day jam band for their Celtic punk rock energy. The California rockers combine the best of The Pogues and The Clash with a modern twist. Hearing Flogging Molly always takes me to my vacation to Ireland and I’ll never forget seeing the Music Hall of Fame Wall in Dublin, one thing off my bucket list!