Pitbull Is Having The Time Of His Life

Pitbull_cubaBarack Obama has just set in motion a plan to re-establish relations with Cuba.  More freedom to travel, commercial opportunities, and diplomatic changes are on the landscape.  The controversial flip in U.S. policy established in 1961 has ignited a lot of controversy, but hey! this isn’t a political website, it’s a music magazine! When most people think of Cuba today, one name comes to mind first – Miami rapper, Pitbull, proud of his Cuban roots.  Pitbull has been quite vocal over the years about his love of his native land and the mistreatment by the Castro regime.  Mr. Worldwide’s unique high energy Spanglish style has been all over the place and he even hosted one of the big major TV network New Years Eve shows this year.  His latest CD, Globalization, doesn’t break any new ground but it’s a fun listen. The lead single “Fireball” has already become a worldwide smash.

“TIME OF OUR LIVES” Pitbull and Ne-Yo

Pitbull-Ft-Gente-De-Zona-PiensasPitbull currently has two feel-good songs racing up the charts, one in English, one in Spanish. Late December, Ne-Yo and Pitbull released a new party anthem called “Time Of Our Lives” that celebrates the weekend. Sure it’s all about alcohol, fine ladies, and booty but it’ll get you dancing and singing along. Pitbull does sneak in a little inspirational message about not letting life knock you down in the closing minute. His second single “Piensas” is an instant Zumba classic. Pitbull’s rapping in Spanish here and the best part of the new lyric video, he’s not in it!    Warning:  The video contains a lot of skin so it’s possibly NSFW