Poison Covers KISS, Bowie, The Stones, and Kenny Loggins?

BretMichaels PoisonBret Michaels, Ricky Rockett, and Bobby Dahl are 3/4 of the 80’s Glam Rock band, Poison.  When they started out, they were called Paris and made the local Pennsylvania bar circuit playing cover songs of their favorite rock hits.    It wasn’t long before they headed to L.A. to chase their dreams.   Add in the flamboyant and ultra-talented lead guitarist C.C. Deville and a name change to Poison and by 1986 their debut album, Look What The Cat Dragged In, became an instant classic, a MTV favorite.   Poison built their career on original material but they’ve recorded a number of cover songs from some of the biggest bands of all-time including The Who, David Bowie (Suffragette City), Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, KISS, and even one of the softest of 80s rockstars, Kenny Loggins!    Here’s a Top 10 list of the best Poison covers of all-time:

#10 “GEORGIA ON MY MIND” – Lead guitarist C.C. Deville turns the Georgia State Anthem into a full on guitar blitz with an incredible instrumental version.

#9  “COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE”    Dr. Hook took it to the Top 10 in the early 70’s and Bret maintains the wild parody spirit here with a lively cover version.

#8 “DEAD FLOWERS” (The Rolling Stones) A track from their Poison’d CD takes aim at this tongue-in-cheek Stones gem from their Sticky Fingers album.

#7 “WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND” Bret continues to rip into this Grand Funk Railroad jam on his solo tours.

#6 “WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU” (The Romantics) A little kick ass Hair Metal update to an iconic 80s New Wave favorite.

#5 “SQUEEZE BOX” (The Who) Early MTV, “that is rock and roll!”

#4  “CAN’T YOU SEE”   One of the greatest Southern Rock songs of all-time gets Poisionized here.   Bret’s vocals are decent but it’s that guitar solo that takes it to another level.

#3  “MAMA DON’T DANCE”    Their only cover song to be released as a single.  The Loggins & Messina pop classic gets the Hair Metal reinvention here.

#2  “ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT”   The last time I saw Poison live they were opening for the ultimate 70’s rock band, KISS.   Their cover of the KISS classic first appeared on the Robert Downey Jr.  “Less Than Zero” movie soundtrack.

#1    “I NEVER CRY”     A pumped-up version of Alice Cooper’s first power ballad from the mid-70’s.   Bret nails the intensity of the lyrics and C.C’s brief solo mid-way is a powerful jolt of energy to the cover.